Welcome aboard the Star Ship Enterprise

Image of Star Trek Space Ship Enterprise in Space
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The “Star Ship Enterprise” was the innovation hub at the heart of the iconic 60’s TV series.

Long before space exploitation became a reality, futurists created images of society enhanced by invention to improve humanity.

When both satellite-based technology and AI are used together ethically with a clear purpose, open-minded business leaders see opportunities to pivot their enterprising activities to create sustainable employment.

These are general-purpose technologies accessible to those in the know, and with the advent of democratization, users now may leverage the benefits led by subject matter specialists who signpost and light up the route.

They support the mission to achieve the best possible situational awareness.

Faster, well-informed decisions are critical in almost any industry and specifically defence and security, healthcare and environmental sustainability.

Cyber secure fast access, a wealth of untapped data and myriad AI solutions from video analytics to natural language processing allow businesses to add value from anywhere, with anyone, anywhere in the world with the best possible knowledge.

Time for leaders to see beyond the physical barriers of COVID and join the global technology community.

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