Media Portfolio Launch

Media portfolio

Learn about a number of high profile applications from the ethical use of automatic facial recognition, to the application of technology in space.

Take a look at our new media portfolio where you may browse webinars and podcasts to find out about a range of topical issues affecting the use of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies in the defence and security, professional security, safety, healthcare and manufacturing industries.

Working with the world’s leading influencers, associations and regulatory bodies

Anekanta Consulting is committed to raising the bar to ensure that the greatest benefit is achieved by business, public bodies and society, from emerging technology in the most ethical way. No longer can intelligent technology be applied to a wide range of applications without ethical oversight. Ethics and application work hand in hand. There is a common theme throughout our portfolio, and that is accountability.

Technology application now sits within the board room, high on the agenda

The board is accountable and responsible for the mitigation of all risks associated with the application of new technology by their business, from ensuring the cyber-security of data sets analysed by AI to the privacy impact considerations affecting their customers, employees and stakeholders.

Anekanta Consulting will advise and guide your board to understand the risks and benefits of emerging technology in non-technical language, to improve competitive position and value of the business and its products/services.

To engage with Anekanta Consulting please head over to our Become our client page and let us understand your business a little better. Not ready yet? Have a look at our range of services and we’ll look forward to meeting you soon.

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