British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Appoints Anekanta Founder an Honorary Member

Mike Reddington, Chief Executive, BSIA, said: “The BSIA is delighted to appoint Pauline Norstrom as an Honorary Member of the Association. “Pauline’s contribution to the industry and our Association will play an essential role in clarifying the industry position on…

Collingwood Interview: 5 minutes with Pauline Norstrom – AI & Video Surveillance

Read the interview with Collingwood and learn about ArtificiaI Intelligence in the Video Surveillance domain, the importance of cross functional team collaboration to ensure there is an agreed minimum viable product and why AI should be on the Board Agenda.…

What is Inspirational Value?

Interesting insights into the psychology of B2B value from Bain & Company Inc and HBR; relating the reasons to buy to Maslow's heirarchy of needs. To achieve inspirational value companies need to do more than improve efficiency and provide ROI.…

Anekanta® AI Governance Framework

Anekanta®'s AI governance framework was originally developed in 2020 and independently assessed by the University of Oxford, prior to the recent explosion in the awareness of AI as a beneficial business tool. The purpose of this set of principles is to ensure ethical AI practices throughout the organisation. It is clear that AI needs to be on the Board agenda and considered seriously as part of the CSR requirements. AI should not be confined within the realms of IT, although the CIO may take responsibility for implementation and management.

Interview with the Security Industry Association

Read about us on the SIA web site: New Security Industry Association (SIA) member Anekanta Limited is a boutique innovation and consultancy hub that solves problems and adds entrepreneurial value to technology-focused organizations with an interest in artificial intelligence…

Podcast: Who’s Watching You? Listen to Episode 45 of Hacked Off, from Secarma, featuring Anekanta's founder Pauline Norstrom

Artificial intelligence and technology convergence in physical security

Sounds simple, but the physical security estate is made up of millions of discrete systems, operated by private entities and whose interest is in the threats and risks associated with their specific operations. Convergence is still constrained by the boundaries of discrete technologies and private ownership.

Adding value with Artificial Intelligence

In the video surveillance domain, AI is adding value to the video estate by creating meaning and context for millions of otherwise uncategorised live and recorded images

What’s in the name, Anekanta®? – Our Values

Anekanta® Consulting's name originates from an ancient philosophy Anekantavada whose literal meaning is "many sidedness" Anekantavada underpins the core philosophies of Anekanta® Consulting. We believe that across every facet of leadership, business and technology, it is crucial that more than…