About the Incubator

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The incubator is a platform through which we seek your views about innovations and also show and tell new concepts. We find the best fit to market for artificial intelligence based developments and other digitalisation focused solutions.

We do this by achieving a deep understanding of the commercial, industrial and societal problems which cannot be solved by humans without the help of technology.

We see the development of the innovation right through to market, nurturing and shaping the ideas to help them flourish in the chosen sector. We advocate the creation and re-purposing of new technology which solves real-world problems within legal and ethical frameworks, and which respect the privacy and human rights of the individual.

From time to time we will share information about innovations we are currently evaluating in order to invite comment and support from a wider community.

A selection of Innovations in the incubator

Follow the links below to find out more about a select number of innovations in the portfolio, or register for further information using the form below.

Video Engine

COVID Killer

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