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Door handle shown with COVID virus

Although this is not AI technology, we believe that it is in the public interest for us to share details with our community.

This is a social entrepreneurial project – a game-changing patent-pending*, revolutionary way of keeping yourself and others safer until COVID is eradicated.

The invention is a specially designed glove which secretes hand sanitiser on contact with the surfaces touched. Other than direct contact with droplets from an infected person, contact with contaminated surfaces is the way the virus spreads. 1.2.

When out and on the move interacting with other people, masks help to prevent the distribution of droplets, and hand sanitiser when frequently applied can also provide protection. However, it is not always convenient to be constantly applying hand sanitiser also, the effect of the ingredients can have an irritating effect on the skin.

This “COVID Killer” innovation solves the problems associated with:

  • Opening the door with handles/knobs
  • Holding the railing and touching anything in the trains, planes and other public places
  • Pushing/pulling shopping carts
  • Pressing buttons on elevators 
  • Frequency of the cleaning of shared surfaces
  • Safety of people running the testing stations and in the medical environment when interacting with COVID patients
  • Safety of educational environments
  • Safety of people undertaking front line jobs e.g. medical, security and Police

It is almost impossible to disinfect all places all the time, the “COVID Killer”, kills the virus there and then on the touched surface and on the glove and as quickly as hand sanitiser.




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We seek interested parties and potential partners globally from public health authorities, transport, aviation, government, education, facilities management, healthcare, holiday/event/theme parks/ hospitality industries.

Technology readiness level (TRL) 5-6. This is a proof of concept which requires support and funding to take it to the first pre-production prototypes for testing and acceptance prior to mass production.

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*Patent priority date 14th June 2020

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