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Browse our portfolio of content ranging from thought leadership webinars with The BSIA on AI and Automatic Facial Recognition to Space Technology with Institute of Directors and European Space Agency, Satellite Applications Catapult and UK Space Agency


British Security Industry Association Broadcast November 2020: Hear from the esteemed panel of speakers who debate this often controversial topic of the ethical use of Automatic Facial Recogniton (a form of aritifical intelligence). Nick Fisher – Facewatch, Jake Parker – Security Industry Association, Pauline Norstrom – Anekanta Consulting, moderated by Tom Ford, BSIA, discuss the issues and stress the importance of the BSIA’s ethical guide.
Investor Ladder Oct 2020: A short talk about AI and its dark side, touching on Automatic Facial Recognition, Ethics and Cyber Security
World Space Week October 2020: An honour to be moderating the panel discussion about Space-based Applications, a collaboration between the Institute of Directors, European Space Agency, Satellite Applications Catapult and UK Space Agency
Thought Leadership Webinar June 2020: Professor Martin Gill, Perpetuity Research and The OSPAs
Making security technologies work: The scope and limits of AI and Automatic Facial Recognition
Security Industry Association Cybersecurity Advisory Board: Risk and Exposure webinar 12th November 2020. A series of discussions from esteemed panelists on the subject of end point security, governance and horizon scanning (deep fakes, AI and convergence). Click through the image above to reach the recording of the webinar.

Interview with Jutta Devenish Managing Director, Zeitgeist Communication June 2020: AI for supply chain forecasting? Listen to the interview with Pauline Norstrom, the founder of Anekanta Consulting on the use of artificial intelligence to improve your supply chain forecasting. Pauline also shares very thought-provoking insights into how AI can be used during a health pandemic such as COVID-19. To listen and subscribe to the podcast on Zeitgeist Leadership Pulse go to

CONXTD Thinking with Pauline Norstrom April 2020
(recorded pre-first lockdown)
This week, Chris and Tom speak to Pauline Norstrom, Founder and CEO of Anekanta Consulting, the Boutique Consulting Hub for technology innovation in the camera, CCTV and AI space. Pauline talks about her role in the marketisation and adoption of digital-based recording, a groundbreaking step in the development of video recording in today’s security landscape. We also hear of her influence on the standardisation and regulation of the security industry in her tenure at the BSIA.
Pauline tells us of her passion for motorsport, as well as her successes in experimental vegan cooking.
The CONXTD Thinking Podcast
Interview with Holly Grace Williams, Managing Director of Secarma Ltd, January 2020
According to the BSIA’s report on CCTV surveillance, there is approximately 6 million cameras in the UK. But who owns these cameras and how is the data being stored and used? Pauline Norstrom, the Founder & CEO of a boutique consultancy focusing on technology for video surveillance, joins us to discuss facial recognition and the future of AI in the industry.


British Security Industry Association Annual AGM and Luncheon 2015 – Chair’s annual address to the Membership


British Security Industry Association Annual AGM and Luncheon 2014 – Chair’s annual address to the Membership


British Security Industry Association CCTV Statistics Launch – Pauline Norstrom discusses the public perception of CCTV