Our Services

Different Executive Consultancy

Anekanta brings leadership and a strategic technology focus to companies from start-up to corporate, modernising the Board agenda to achieve; the ethical design and use of artificial intelligence, insights and different perspectives, competitive advantages, a reduction in bias, optimised process and enhanced products.

Boards must acquire new knowledge and skills in order understand the rapidly evolving technology landscape and become enabled to make ethical decisions which positively affect the business and its people. Technology strategy must be led by the Board and accountability must remain with the Board.

Strategy and Research

Based on primary and secondary research, due diligence and strategic analysis, we assess and determine the current position and develop the plans.

We create new strategies, examine the value chain, create the value proposition, growth strategy and determine barriers to entry to the target sectors.

Stakeholder Management

Through stakeholder mapping and the development of effective engagement strategies, we act as the bridge between the technology provider and government, regulatory bodies, industry or the public.

We set the bar, lobby, influence and act as a catalyst for change within an ethical and legal framework.