Boutique Executive Consultancy

Our specialised focus areas are; defence and security, professional security and video surveillance, healthcare and manufacturing. We seek to solve problems which cannot be solved by humans alone. We aim to help our customers and stakeholders to augment human decision making to achieve better results which, in the highest risk scenarios, means saving lives.

Anekanta Consulting brings leadership and a strategic technology focus to companies from start-up to corporate, modernising the Board agenda to achieve; the ethical design and use of artificial intelligence, insights and different perspectives, competitive advantages, a reduction in bias, optimised process and enhanced products.

Boards must be aware of the need to acquire new knowledge and skills in order understand the rapidly evolving technology landscape. With new skills, leaders become enabled to make ethical decisions which positively affect the business and its people. AI can improve the working environment, create differentiation in the marketplace and foster stakeholder relationships. Technology strategy must be led by the Board and accountability must remain with the Board.

We appreciate that this may seem complex, so we will guide you through every step of the way, and explain the technology using business and people friendly language.

Our team’s proven background in international executive leadership, corporate governance and transformation underpin our high level of expertise in ethical digitalisation: from the development and application of artificial intelligence, big data source correlation, blockchain technology and concepts, cyber security and safety technologies.

We challenge the status quo, we say what we see, and backed by evidence, solve problems across the business with innovative strategies which add the most value.

We realise that technology is not the answer to every problem. We are not a high pressure sales organisation; we won’t push you into a bad fit. We will ask lots of questions to understand your challenges and guide you to the right customised solution for your business.

We have created a number of framewords to guide the decision maker through the process of evaluating AI in business. We can help you make the right choice based on ethics and business value.

We are an ethical organisation and operate with integrity. We like to work with people and companies who have similar values to ours.