Technology, Strategy and Research

Based on primary and secondary research, due diligence and strategic analysis, we assess the market advantages, determine the current position and develop the plans. We review and evaluate innovations and product road maps with a focus on matching benefits to user needs in our specialised sectors: defence and security, professional security and video surveillance, healthcare and manufacturing.

Looking at problems from many perspectives – our core Anekanta philosophy – we create new strategies, examine the value chain, create the value proposition, growth strategy and determine barriers to entry to the target sectors.

We believe that innovation has no boundaries therefore not all of our clients are bringing technology to market. Ideation and creativity are in our DNA and we are open to talk about solving any problem which generates stakeholder value.

We recommend and facilitate digitalisation through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in products and business process. We act as the bridge between the user and the developer resulting in the application of AI and other emerging technologies which meet real world needs, coded in the right environment and which can be maintained and supported into the future.

We make an initial assessment through an open dialogue and develop our relationships based on trust, with aligned values and beliefs.

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