Incubator project: Video Surveillance Image Engine

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This technology is based on a first to market innovation and is being re-purposed due to the growing need to integrate video into AI applications.

The innovation provides secure access to video images streamed and recorded on a wide range of existing and legacy video surveillance cameras and systems developed globally.

The legacy video surveillance estate presents a problem to any user wishing to integrate video surveillance images with operational process, alarms and security management or counter terrorism/organised crime mitigations. There are a large number of old systems designed to last which are still operational. This legacy presents a high cost of change to users who are exploring the benefits of cloud based technology and AI but are unsure whether they can afford to commit to a hardware centric solution.

Features include a video transcoding engine deployed using distributed server cloud technology, which is able to communicate with a wide range of legacy and current video surveillance systems produced over the last 20 years.

Key USPs include the ability to capture native video with all associated metadata, communicate two ways, undertake audio challenge, control DVR outputs and transcode and stream to cloud storage services, AI engines and industrial automation technology. We seek partners who have a need to integrate video into their current or future offerings where preservation or AI analysis of metadata is also important. Please register below to learn more by selecting “video engine” in the innovation field.

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