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Our team comprise the best talent from a range of different backgrounds who work together to solve problems, each bringing a different perspective to the argument. Our people are qualified and experienced to the highest academic, professional and commercial standards in all aspects of philosophy, ethics, AI development and mathematics, risk and impact assessment, business and commercial considerations, board governance and all prevailing ethical and legal implications which affect the development and use of AI based technologies across a range of industrial applications.

Anekanta®Consulting and Anekanta®AI are highly specialised in AI research, impact and risk assessment, recommendation and mitigations. We align with the EU AI Act, UK’s Regulation White Paper, USA Algorithmic Accountability Act, Bill of AI Rights, a range of state wide laws and local ordinances, and all emerging global ethical and trustworthy principles such as the OECD.

We are continually on the look-out for talented people with a range of skills, academic qualifications and experience in our field and we would love to hear from you.

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  • Deploy AI facial recognition software safely
    Anekanta® AI have developed a number of independent, vendor agnostic AI governance frameworks expertly designed to assess the safety of high-risk AI and the impact on stakeholders. Our Facial Recogniton Privacy Impact Risk Assessment System™ contains a small sub-set of our wider capability. Find out more.
  • Anekanta®AI: Comply with the EU AI Act
    One of the key requirements of the EU AI Act is that organizations must assess the risks posed by their AI systems before deploying them. Anekanta®AI can help developer and user organizations to comply with the Act by providing systematic and comprehensive assessments of risk.
  • Anekanta®AI featured in UK Government AI Assurance Portfolio
    The Anekanta® AI, AI Risk Intelligence System™ for biometric and high-risk AI supports organisations to build consistency into their governance processes. The system leads to the creation of a new comparable data set about the AI, which can be analysed to reach conclusions about the impact and risks associated with using certain types of software.
  • FaceComply: A partnership between Corsight AI, Anekanta®AI, Advent IM
    Corsight AI Partners with Anekanta®AI and Advent IM to Enable Facial Recognition Full Compliance through FaceComply. Uniting expertise in AI, governance, risk management, data protection, and cybersecurity, to ensure safe implementation of facial recognition technology
  • Sector focus: AI in security, opportunity or threat? Evolving impacts and risks.
    Earlier this year, Anekanta®Consulting founder was a guest speaker at Security Buyer Live 2023 explaining the principles of AI, and the considerations which lead to prohibitions and additional measures when using AI in the EU.