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Within the Incubator community, we find the best fit to market for artificial intelligence based developments and other digitalisation focused solutions

We do this by achieving a deep understanding of the commercial, industrial and societal problems which cannot be solved by humans without the help of technology.

We see the development of the innovation right through to market, nurturing and shaping the ideas to help them flourish in the chosen sector. We advocate the creation and re-purposing of new technology which solves real-world problems within legal and ethical frameworks, and which respect the privacy and human rights of the individual.

We are reluctant to boast about client success – too many companies over-sell and in doing so damage trust and credibility – we are not like them, we are different.

Our client’s seek our help with confidential pre-release projects and we respect that at all times.

From time to time, when appropriate to do so, we may talk about some of our global relationships with leading technology companies, innovative start ups and more established players looking to pivot.

Explore our services which include:

  • Horizon scanning and technology research to validate your idea or development through confidential competitive research and an assessment of the market position within the sector. We also look at wider mega trends, future predictions and adjacent industries and technologies.
  • Strategic advisory – our services go beyond research, our company was founded led by a very senior and experienced Board leader who guides the team, sharing her experience. Anekanta Consulting’s team provide strategy and guidance to bring a different perspective to the vision.
  • Stakeholder management do you know how to navigate complex regulatory landscapes? are you aware of which standards prevail in a given sector? if there are no standards – who to influence? Anekanta Consulting holds specialised skill and expertise across a number of regulatory landscapes to help guide you towards the right route to compliance or gain acceptance as a pioneer of disruptive technology and ideas.

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