Sector-Specific Strategic Advisory

Our strategic advisory services provide accurate, actionable insights; from research and development to stakeholder management.

We hold valuable know-how about AI in defence and security, video surveillance, critical infrastructure, smart cities and manufacturing.

We generate exceptionally high quality results including:

  • using AI to achieve strategic visibility across the internal and external market landscape
  • evaluation of ethical and design risks within artificial intelligence and emerging technologies
  • actionable insights into new and planned regulation across a number of geographies
  • competitive advantage through enhanced products
  • identifying strategic acquisition targets which modernizes your offering
  • reducing bias and strengthening ESG and CSR.

Proven international success

Our team’s proven background in international executive leadership, corporate governance, transformation and R & D, underpin our high level of expertise in business modernisation.

From the development and application of artificial intelligence, big data source correlation, cyber security and safety technologies.

We realise that technology is not the answer to every problem. We are not a high pressure sales organisation; we won’t knowingly push you into a bad fit. We will ask questions to understand your challenges and guide you towards the right decisions for your business.

We are an ethical organisation which operates with integrity

We like to work with people and companies who have similar values to ours. Everything we do is underpinned by the Anekanta Consulting core philosophy which is based on Anekantavada, which brings a different perspective to all our thinking.

How can we help you?

If you are an executive leader or policy maker and would like to understand how to improve your business or products ethically with AI, please get in touch today.