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We work with a range of clients and stakeholders from global technology companies and specialised service providers to start-ups. Each has a unique challenge and by seeking fresh new perspectives from Anekanta Consulting, they successfully achieve an understanding of evolving market landscapes and technologies and as a result move forward with renewed clarity in their strategy. Anekanta Consulting’s services range from Strategic Advisory, Horizon Scanning, Research and Strategy to Stakeholder Management. We look forward to working with you.

We predominantly work on confidential projects under non-disclosure agreements to protect the sensitivity of your project. If you would like to discuss how we may help you, please contact us using the form below or drop and email over to

End customer

Our clients are end customers in a range of sectors looking to modernise their business, products and processes using the best technology solutions. We work with your board in order to understand the current pain points in the business. Where appropriate, through our Strategic advisory service we recommend technology and strategic solutions to improve internal culture and information sharing, and through innovation, lead and strengthen competitive advantage in the marketplace. This can be achieved through the adoption of emerging technologies and AI.

Value-added service providers

Our clients are global value-added technology and service providers in the security space. You’ll have a broad portfolio of end customer clients in a range of sectors from retail, healthcare, government, education, transport and utilities. We work with you and alongside your board and add value to the high-level technology and people agenda. This is where our Horizon scanning, strategy and technology offering catalyses the best exploitation of your current strategy. A broader influence is achieved through our Strategic advisory and Stakeholder Management service.

Technology developers

Our clients are innovators in the field of AI and emerging technology, looking for a route to market, exploitation routes and sources of funding. You need specialised expertise and advice in order to match up with end customer and provider needs in the security arena, resulting in a focus on the user problem to achieve the best value in the chain. We work with our technology portfolio to re-purpose existing technology and establish new markets for emerging and early-stage concepts. Our Horizon scanning, strategy and technology service, combined with Strategic advisory and Stakeholder Management add value to the developer strategy resulting in successful exploitation and value through the channel.

We look forward to working with you.

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