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Welcome aboard the Star Ship Enterprise

The “Star Ship Enterprise” was the innovation hub at the heart of the iconic 60’s TV series. Long before space exploitation became a reality, futurists created images of society enhanced by invention to improve humanity.When both satellite-based technology and AI…

Innovator GT Digital Ltd teams up with tech hub Anekanta Ltd to bring cognitive intelligence to the security sector

Press Release 20th March 2020, Cheshire, UK, based Anekanta Ltd (Anekanta) and New York, USA, based GT Digital (GT) announced today that they are working together to progress GT’s patent pending, innovative cognitive intelligence platform MediaMaestro. Through its advanced military…

Transform Manufacturing with AI

Artificial Intelligence is the term that now forms an umbrella over many evolving technologies. It is all around us including within the business landscape. Many may not realise that they have been using forms of it for years. The re-classification…

Ethical Framework for AI Implementation

Introduction A new study shows that more than 70% of business leaders are taking steps to ensure ethical use and deployment of AI within their business operations. Some business leaders even establish ethics committees to review the use of AI…

Digital Convergence Article Featured by BSIA

British Security Industry Association (BSIA) featured our founder's article on digital convergence and future trends in the physical security sector, in this quarter's Spectrum magazine.

NCSC Cyber Essentials Certification

Anekanta Consulting announces that it has met all National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) requirements and achieved Cyber Essentials Certification.

Happy Festive Season

To our global Anekanta Consulting community, we wish you a safe and peaceful time through the holiday period.

Cybersecurity Horizon Scanning

If you missed the thought leadership webinar by Security Industry Association on Risk and Exposure, here is another chance to see the full session.

Leaders Need AI Strategies

A key finding by Mckinsey in their latest report "The State of AI in 2020". When AI is at the heart of the vision and strategy, companies perform better.

Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Let's be thankful for what we have and what we can do and hope that 2021 will be dramatically better for all.

Media Portfolio Launch

Find our new media portfolio to browse webinars and podcasts to covering a range of topical issues affecting the use of Automated Facial Recognition, artificial intelligence and more.

Face your fear of technology

The unknowns around the application of technologies contained within the field of AI such as Automatic Facial Recognition can stimulate a sense of fear in some people. But although fear is not a tangible thing, rather a feeling, it can…

Adapting and Evolving

We are continually reviewing and improving both our outreach and web site thanks to your valuable feedback. See our latest evolution, a new "About" section where we are building out the story behind the formation of Anekanta Consulting. Born at…