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Anekanta Consulting advises boards and executives around the world on the ethical application of artificial intelligence and emerging digital technologies. Our specialised focus areas are; defence and security, professional security and video surveillance, healthcare, and manufacturing. From board advisory to horizon scanning, technology strategy and stakeholder management, we lead the way with innovation to augment human decision making to achieve the maximum benefit, which in the highest risk scenarios can save lives.

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Leaders without AI strategies cause their companies to fall behind

A key finding by Mckinsey in their latest report “The State of AI in 2020”. When AI is at the heart of the vision and strategy, companies perform better. Leaders of high AI performing companies are 2.3x more likely to…

Happy Thanksgiving 2020

To our American friends, colleagues, clients and partners, Happy Thanksgiving 2020 from Anekanta Consulting. Let’s be thankful for what we have and what we can do and hope that 2021 will be dramatically better for all. Stay safe everyone.

New: Media Portfolio

Media portfolio

Take a look at our new media portfolio where you may browse webinars and podcasts to find out about a range of topical issues affecting the use of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies in the defence and security, professional security,…

Face your fear of technology

BSIA Image depicting Automatic Facial Recognition

The unknowns around the application of technologies contained within the field of AI such as Automatic Facial Recognition can stimulate a sense of fear in some people. But although fear is not a tangible thing, rather a feeling, it can…

Adapting and evolving

Evolving lighbulbs

We are continually reviewing and improving both our outreach and web site thanks to your valuable feedback. See our latest evolution, a new “Our Company” section where we are building out the story behind the formation of Anekanta Consulting. Born…

Welcome aboard the Star Ship Enterprise

Image of Star Trek Space Ship Enterprise in Space

The “Star Ship Enterprise” was the innovation hub at the heart of the iconic 60’s TV series. Long before space exploitation became a reality, futurists created images of society enhanced by invention to improve humanity. When both satellite-based technology and…

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