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A boutique innovation and business consultancy hub, Anekanta Consulting works with international businesses and stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of emerging and revolutionary technologies. Our specialised focus areas are; defence and security, professional security and video surveillance, healthcare, and manufacturing. We seek to solve problems which cannot be solved by humans alone and in turn help our stakeholders to augment human decision making and achieve better results which, in the highest risk scenarios, means saving lives.

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IoD event review: Artificial Intelligence impact on Space Technology

IoD Events Artificial Intelligence and Space Technology

This inspiring event took place online on 11th September 2020 3pm BST, following London Tech Week’s focus on Space Technology. This webinar, organised by the Institute of Directors London Region, featured Lord Clement-Jones, a champion of AI ethics and Co-Chair…

Real or Deep Fake?

Eliminating deep fakes from circulation must remain high on the ethical agenda. If you’re not familiar with the term, they are altered digital images or audio files which make you believe that a cleverly disguised falsehood is a fair representation…

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Group of blindfolded people

All Anekanta Consulting’s core values and philosophies are based around this parable. “Several blindfolded people are each given the task of identifying a large animal (an elephant) using their sense of touch alone. Each declares a different result; a wall,…

Beneficial AI based technology reveals systemic bias, leading to stronger laws and policies

It has always been our belief that the use of AI may challenge long standing practices and even help to remove bias whether it’s overt or less so when based on societal anachronisms. Looking through the lens at the application…

The hack that could make face recognition think someone else is you

This is an interesting story for the security community. Mcafee proved that they could automatically alter the characteristics of a face beyond recognition, and using a generative adversarial neural network, a form of AI, fooled the AFR into identifying someone…

Published exclusively: Artificial Intelligence, The Transparency Challenge

A pleasure to be sharing our founder’s final article in the series, created exclusively for Security Matters Magazine. Here she explains in non-technical language, why we must challenge AI transparency. Covering the latest GPT 3.0 NLP AI and the complex…

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