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We enable leaders in high-risk industries to make ethical, legal and commercially beneficial AI centric decisions.

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Recent News

The BSIA to launch major new UK video surveillance market report

We are excited to report that the BSIA will be launching a major research report into the video surveillance market in the United Kingdom at IFSEC International at Excel London on 18th May 2022.

Bias in AI decisions? Fix the humans first.

The degree of bias is dependent on a huge number of factors which affect a human’s perspective of an issue. Too many to mention here but to focus on just one cognitive bias, confirmation bias is frequently featured in leadership development as the single greatest hindrance to good decision making.

AI, Automated Facial Recognition and Standards

Anekanta Consulting’s founder presented AI and Facial Recognition (AFR) Ethical Guidance at the Security Buyer Live event. Find out what is happening in the world of standards and regulation and hear a useful non-technical “AI learner’s” overview of AI.

Supporting International Women’s Day 2022

Anekanta Consulting supports International Women’s Day 2022.
We all have a role to play in eradicating bias from every day life, corporate culture and technology.
How diverse is your perspective?

Anekanta’s Founder a Key UK AI Influencer

The Anekanta Consulting team is delighted to see its founder recognised alongside the UK’s key AI influencers in the Artificial Intelligence Industry in the UK Landscape Overview 2021: Companies, Investors, Influencers and Trends.

Digital Catapult – Machine Intelligence Garage

We are delighted to announce that our founder Pauline Norstrom has been appointed to the Digital Catapult Machine Intelligence Garage ethics advisory board, alongside her portfolio of AI advisory roles and founder of our growing team here at Anekanta Consulting.

Client Success Stories

Anekanta Consulting’s team led this strategic acquisition project to find a suitable AI company to add value to our technology portfolio. The project was delivered on time, to budget and to the quality needed to further our M & A strategy.

Confidential Client Story UK Communications Provider

We sought Anekanta Consulting’s experience in the security market. We wanted to identify an acquisition target to expand our current portfolio of military and defence services. The Anekanta Consulting team reviewed the global video surveillance market. They advised on the current and future trends, also emerging technologies in adjacent industries. They guided us towards suitable targets. A successful mission which added value to our business strategy.

Confidential Client Story Military and Defence Company

Our R & D team sought Anekanta Consulting’s horizon scanning and research services to enhance our facial recognition product road map for transportation and smart city infrastructures. A successful project delivering the outcomes needed to further our international strategy.

Confidential Client Story $80Bn Global Electronics Manufacturer