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We combine international sector-specific expertise with high-level strategic advisory services. We enable leaders in high-risk industries to make commercially beneficial, legal and ethical AI centric business and product decisions.

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Recent News

National Security : Regulation of AI-driven live facial recognition

This was an educational and insightful evidence session led by its Chair Lord Clement Jones; and where many perspectives were considered; including police use of the technology, commercial examples such as access control and ID verification in banking, and the confusing patchwork framework of legislation in the UK.

Could facial recognition have been used to prevent chaos?

Could the storming of Wembley at the UEFA Euro 2020 Final have been avoided? Facial recognition software may not have been the first choice over other methods of augmenting human knowledge and decision making in a rapidly escalating situation.

The interview that gets the facts from the top

How has COVID changed the AI and security landscape?. Learn about an accelerating demand for safe contactless solutions. Practical applications for facial recognition software and drone technology. Also what the future has in store for those interested in creating a safe and secure world.

UK Government’s Innovation Strategy

Anekanta Consulting welcomes the UK Innovation Strategy as a step forward towards building a vibrant ecosystem. We believe this will be facilitated through Government funding and the development of innovative leadership which is empowered to take risks

Planning your High Risk AI Strategy?

Here we examine the implications of the proposed EU Artificial Intelligence Act and outline some of the steps which should be considered by innovators now in anticipation of the proposal being enshrined into EU Legislation within the next 18-24 months (2022/3).

Anekanta Consulting secures NW UK base at innvovation campus

International strategic AI and innovation advisory Anekanta Consulting has chosen The Innovation Centre, Sci-Tech Daresbury to host its North West UK operations.

Client Success Stories

Anekanta Consulting’s team led this strategic acquisition project to find a suitable AI company to add value to our technology portfolio. The project was delivered on time, to budget and to the quality needed to further our M & A strategy.

Confidential Client Story UK Communications Provider

We sought Anekanta Consulting’s experience in the security market. We wanted to identify an acquisition target to expand our current portfolio of military and defence services. The Anekanta Consulting team reviewed the global video surveillance market. They advised on the current and future trends, also emerging technologies in adjacent industries. They guided us towards suitable targets. A successful mission which added value to our business strategy.

Confidential Client Story Military and Defence Company

Our R & D team sought Anekanta Consulting’s horizon scanning and research services to enhance our facial recognition product road map for transportation and smart city infrastructures. A successful project delivering the outcomes needed to further our international strategy.

Confidential Client Story $80Bn Global Electronics Manufacturer