Digital Convergence Article Featured by BSIA

British Security Industry Association (BSIA) featured our founder's article on digital convergence and future trends in the physical security sector, in this quarter's Spectrum magazine.

NCSC Cyber Essentials Certification

Anekanta Consulting announces that it has met all National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) requirements and achieved Cyber Essentials Certification.

Cybersecurity Horizon Scanning

If you missed the thought leadership webinar by Security Industry Association on Risk and Exposure, here is another chance to see the full session.

Leaders Need AI Strategies

A key finding by Mckinsey in their latest report "The State of AI in 2020". When AI is at the heart of the vision and strategy, companies perform better.

Face your fear of technology

The unknowns around the application of technologies contained within the field of AI such as Automatic Facial Recognition can stimulate a sense of fear in some people. But although fear is not a tangible thing, rather a feeling, it can…

Welcome aboard the Star Ship Enterprise

The “Star Ship Enterprise” was the innovation hub at the heart of the iconic 60’s TV series. Long before space exploitation became a reality, futurists created images of society enhanced by invention to improve humanity.When both satellite-based technology and AI…

Social Entrepreneurship Project

Although this is not AI technology, we liked it so much, we believe that it is in the public interest for us to share details with our community. This is a social entrepreneurial project – a game-changing patent-pending*, revolutionary way…

Automated Facial Recognition – is the AI or the human biased?

AI keeps us safe, working in the background in security operations centres. AI gets us through an airport quickly. AI and satellite technology get us to the right location faster AI saves time when it recommends our movies, AI makes…

IoD event review: Artificial Intelligence impact on Space Technology

This inspiring event took place online on 11th September 2020 3pm BST, following London Tech Week's focus on Space Technology. This webinar, organised by the Institute of Directors London Region, featured Lord Clement-Jones, a champion of AI ethics and Co-Chair…

Real or Deep Fake?

Eliminating deep fakes from circulation must remain high on the ethical agenda. If you’re not familiar with the term, they are altered digital images or audio files which make you believe that a cleverly disguised falsehood is a fair representation…