LLM and Gen AI update

ChatGPT from Open AI can provide quite credible, human sounding answers to complex problems. We have tried it out with a range of specialised sector research questions. Find out what happened.

UK AI Regulation – Which Direction?

Our customers are seeking clarity, legal certainty and operating guardrails to enable them to make decisions about their use of AI technology. Therefore, our response to the UK Government consultation is mindful of these needs.

Research: “The Bigger Picture” surveillance report.

A showcase for the key steps in the team's journey to deliver this ground breaking research.

Is an ethical commercial decision a dichotomy?

Company Law, if correctly followed can lead to good commercial practice; statutes are objective, and ethics subjective. What if subjectivity rules AI?

Driving the safe and ethical use of AI through standards

If you are not certain whether you are implementing AI based technologies safely and ethically, then why are you doing it?

Industrial applications for AI: Amazon fulfillment centre

This visit to the London UK, state of the art fulfillment centre presented a great opportunity to learn about and appreciate the safe use of AI and robotics in a real world industrial application.

UK Government’s Innovation Strategy

Anekanta Consulting welcomes the UK Innovation Strategy as a step forward towards building a vibrant ecosystem. We believe this will be facilitated through Government funding and the development of innovative leadership which is empowered to take risks

Cybersecurity Horizon Scanning

If you missed the thought leadership webinar by Security Industry Association on Risk and Exposure, here is another chance to see the full session.

Leaders Need AI Strategies

A key finding by Mckinsey in their latest report "The State of AI in 2020". When AI is at the heart of the vision and strategy, companies perform better.

Do you have the full picture?

Anekanta Consulting's team specialise in providing strategic AI advisory services to high-risk industries From defence and security, smart cities, critical infrastructure to manufacturing Are you ready? to identify a strategic advantage through the ethical use of AI in products or…