Driving the safe and ethical use of AI through standards

If you are not certain whether you are implementing AI based technologies safely and ethically, then why are you doing it?

Could facial recognition have been used to prevent chaos?

Could the storming of Wembley at the UEFA Euro 2020 Final have been avoided? Facial recognition software may not have been the first choice over other methods of augmenting human knowledge and decision making in a rapidly escalating situation.

The interview that gets the facts from the top

How has COVID changed the AI and security landscape?. Learn about an accelerating demand for safe contactless solutions. Practical applications for facial recognition software and drone technology. Also what the future has in store for those interested in creating a safe and secure world.

Bias in AI in decisions? Fix the humans first.

Too many to mention here but to focus on just one cognitive bias, confirmation bias is frequently featured in leadership development as the single greatest hindrance to good decision making.

Real or Deep Fake?

Eliminating deep fakes from circulation must remain high on the ethical agenda. If you’re not familiar with the term, they are altered digital images or audio files which make you believe that a cleverly disguised falsehood is a fair representation…

Beneficial AI based technology reveals systemic bias, leading to stronger laws and policies

It has always been our belief that the use of AI may challenge long standing practices and even help to remove bias whether it's overt or less so when based on societal anachronisms. Looking through the lens at the application…

The hack that could make face recognition think someone else is you

This is an interesting story for the security community. Mcafee proved that they could automatically alter the characteristics of a face beyond recognition, and using a generative adversarial neural network, a form of AI, fooled the AFR into identifying someone…

Video Authenticity in an AI Centric World

This article was first published in Fire and Security Matters Magazine May 2020: Security Matters and Fire Safety Matters Magazine and web site. Writing exclusively for Security Matters, Anekanta Consulting's Founder Pauline Norstrom explains why it has never been more…

Ethical Surveillance?

This article was first published in Fire and Security Matters Magazine April 2020: https://www.fsmatters.com/Surveillance-and-controlling-COVID-19 Will state run surveillance measures ever be accepted in the Western world? It has been reported in the media that Eastern World nations have been effective…

Podcast: Who’s Watching You?

https://soundcloud.com/hackedoff/045-pauline-norstrom-whos-watching-you Listen to Episode 45 of Hacked Off, from Secarma, featuring Anekanta's founder Pauline Norstrom