Industrial applications for AI: Amazon fulfillment centre

This visit to the London UK, state of the art fulfillment centre presented a great opportunity to learn about and appreciate the safe use of AI and robotics in a real world industrial application.

How can AI be of benefit to business?

Our perspective is that the implementation of AI in business must be driven from the very highest level - the Board. More leaders are learning about the ways in which AI can enhance competitive advantage and ethically improve the work…

Enhancing Strategic Decisions through Artificial Intelligence – Zeitgeist Leadership Pulse

AI for supply chain forecasting? Listen to the interview with Pauline Norstrom, the founder of Anekanta Consulting on the use of artificial intelligence to improve your supply chain forecasting. Pauline also shares very thought-provoking insights into how AI can be…

Process kills creativity?

To companies wishing to catalyse digitalisation, scope and develop artificial intelligence and leverage the best ideas from their R & D teams to achieve the desired results We recommend this recent article published in Harvard Business Review as a source…

Transform Manufacturing with AI

The development of general-purpose technologies which enable AI to deliver better results and transform manufacturing have been strengthened.