Interested in AI, Analytics and Sensor Data?

The use of AI to analyse last mile and edge sensor data is adding immense value to the decision making process in many sectors. To learn more, join us on 24th June

Digital Convergence Article Featured by BSIA

In the article we discuss the huge strides forward, this $60 Billion sector has taken towards the effective application of artificial intelligence.

Calipsa webinar: The past, present and future of technology in physical security

If you missed Calipsa's webinar on "From AI to the cloud: The rise of technology in physical security". You can register and see it on-demand any time at your convenience. Here our founder talks with the panel about value added…

Anekanta and its founder feature in leading cloud convergence innovator, Conxtd Thinking Podcast. Listen to Conxtd's latest podcast and hear our founder's views about technology transitions and just what it takes to establish new ways of doing things. All designed to keep us safe and our businesses operating efficiently with the best…

Artificial intelligence and technology convergence in physical security

Sounds simple, but the physical security estate is made up of millions of discrete systems, operated by private entities and whose interest is in the threats and risks associated with their specific operations. Convergence is still constrained by the boundaries of discrete technologies and private ownership.