Calipsa webinar: The past, present and future of technology in physical security

If you missed Calipsa’s webinar on “From AI to the cloud: The rise of technology in physical security”. You can register and see it on-demand any time at your convenience. Here our founder talks with the panel about value added technology transitions in the security industry over the last 20 years. The discussion covers cloud computing, convergence, artificial intelligence and user experience. But it is not just about technology, we also talk about bringing the teams along on the journey into the future, catalysed by inclusive, diverse and collaborative leadership.

“While there’s a lot of automation in this industry already, what’s important now is adding intelligence and learning to data. By making this process even better and more intelligent, you’ll see an increase in profit because it’s taking less time to process data and find meaningful information. It’s an upward trajectory, since people have worked out where they’re losing money, and using tools that deliver value in those areas. That value isn’t just financial, it’s a sense of wellbeing, the safety of your people, your reputation with your customers who have an emotional attachment to your offering. People can feel an improvement to their lives as a result of these solutions being used.”

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