Anekanta®AI featured in UK Government AI Assurance Portfolio

The Anekanta® AI, AI Risk Intelligence System™ for biometric and high-risk AI supports organisations to build consistency into their governance processes. The system leads to the creation of a new comparable data set about the AI, which can be analysed to reach conclusions about the impact and risks associated with using certain types of software.

How AI will change our lives

Our founder, Pauline Norstrom met with leading security industry editor Mark Rowe of Professional Security Magazine, at her company facility at Sci-Tech Daresbury UK, in Spring 2023 to discuss why now is the right time to be talking about the impact of AI and the opportunities which arise.

AI Transparency. Is it Important?

This article was first published in Fire and Security Matters Magazine July 2020: Why should we challenge the transparency of AI? UPDATED 10th March 2023. In the two and a half years since we published this opinion piece, ChatGPT…

AI to the rescue?

There is a good reason why there is so much excitement around the group of technologies classified as Artificial Intelligence - whether you believe that the Singularity or Artificial General Intelligence will ever come into existence - or not. Various…

Ambiguous Threats and AI?

This isn't about politics. See what we may learn from this article in HBR about leadership in the COVID-19 crisis and think about how the paradigm applies to the growing trend towards utilising Artificial Intelligence to assist in better decision…