Data for marketing

Use of Personal Data in Anekanta Ltd Marketing Activity

All Anekanta Ltd (“Anekanta”) marketing activity is directed at business customers and potential business customers and therefore all marketing activity uses business contact details.

To the best knowledge of Anekanta personnel, no marketing activity is directed to non-business personal contact telephone numbers or email addresses.

Direct marketing activity undertaken by Anekanta involves telephone calling and email marketing.

Use of Data in Telephone marketing

All outbound marketing calls are made either due to solicitation by the recipient or by application of the Legitimate Interest principles.

Before calls are undertaken the recipient’s number is checked against the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) exclusion list and the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) exclusion list to confirm they are not on the list. If they are found to be on the list the call is not made and, if required, Anekanta’s contact data management (CDM) system is updated to state the recipient is on the list(s) and are not to be called for marketing purposes.

The recipients of outbound marketing calls are given the opportunity to see their right to opt out

of future calls through details contained within the Anekanta Privacy Policy on the Anekanta website.

If a contact is on either the TPS or CTPS list, this is marked in the CDM system. If a recipient opts

out of further calls during a call, the Anekanta caller updates the CDM system immediately following the call.

Use of Data in email marketing

All outbound marketing emails are made either due to solicitation by the recipient or by

application of the Legitimate Interest principles.

All marketing emails sent out by Anekanta contain an unsubscribe link which gives the recipient

the option to opt out of future marketing emails. Those who opt to unsubscribe are automatically

put on an exclusion list in the email delivery system and are blocked from receiving further

marketing emails.

The unsubscribe list is regularly checked and cross referenced with the active marketing send lists

by a Anekanta employee to ensure they are up to date and accurate.

Anekanta only sends marketing emails to business email addresses. No marketing emails are sent

to personal email addresses.

Contact Data Retention Period

Contact data is held indefinitely until the individual requests that we remove their details from our

CRM system.