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We work confidentially with our global technology clients to enhance their AI strategy through our range of specialised services.

From sector-specific AI advisory to horizon scanning and M & A research, our team delivers outstanding de-risked AI and technology outcomes which augment strategic decision making at the highest level.

Defence and Security | Physical, Video and Cyber Security | Manufacturing | Critical Infrastructure | Retail | Smart Cities

Anekanta® AI: AI Risk Intelligence System™

Designed by the high-risk AI specialists for developers and users of biometric and high-risk artificial intelligence systems. Anekanta® AI’s AI Risk Intelligence System™, is a specialised discovery and analytical framework proven across multiple jurisdictions which delivers actionable results for our global customer base.

Anekanta® AI : About the Brand

Our AI risk products help our customers to understand AI impacts and mitigate the risk of causing harm while achieving the maximum benefit. Our AI risk products sit under our Anekanta®AI brand, research and advisory under Anekanta®Consulting.

Anekanta® AI : Safer high-risk AI

We have a high-risk AI specialism focused on independent research, risk and impact evaluation for developers, providers and users of high-risk AI. We move with the advances aligning with the latest principles and the law.

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We align with the EU AI Act, UK’s Regulation White Paper, USA Algorithmic Accountability Act, Bill of AI Rights, a range of state wide laws and ordinances; also global ethical and trustworthy principles such as the OECD. We are continually on the look-out for talented people with a range of skills, academic qualifications and experience in our field and we would love to hear from you.

Anekanta® Consulting : Stakeholder Leadership

Through the development of effective strategic engagement policies, we are the catalyst to collaborative relationships. Manage your stakeholders and treat them well and they will reciprocate.