Horizon Scanning, Technology and M & A Research

Horizon Scanning Technology and Strategy

Why wait and suffer the consequences of inaction? Actively observe, decide and act with agility.

Our symbol of agility is the cheetah whose success is rooted in speed and intelligence

Missing the weight and power of its cousins; it compensates through incredible timing and intelligence, outwitting its target, wrong-footing it then suffocating it. The macabre reality of the natural world. The cheetah scans the horizon for threats, risks and opportunities and then acts fast using its strengths to mitigate or exploit them.

We help you to learn the evolving landscape so you can outwit your competitors

Using a range of techniques including primary and secondary research, due diligence and strategic analysis. We review the market, current and proposed legislation, impact of mega trends and assess the current position.

We review and evaluate innovations with a focus on matching benefits to user needs in specialised sectors: defence and security, video surveillance, transportation, CNI/smart cities and manufacturing.

Looking at problems from many perspectives – our core Anekanta philosophy – we examine the value chain, the value proposition, growth strategy and determine barriers to entry to the target sectors.

We will bring your organisation a range of different perspectives

  • Horizon scanning, creating vision and deep insights into the risk and opportunities arising from technology trends
  • Evaluating and re-purposing existing technology, adding AI capability and bringing new value to solving problems caused by un-managed data proliferation
  • Reviewing and evaluating product road maps and their fit to market vs growth plans
  • Educating and informing the Board, explaining technically complex concepts in relatable terms to enable better decisions about technology, process and people
  • Product and market due diligence to support M & A strategy
  • Specialised research and development projects which support your innovation strategy

We recommend ethical artificial intelligence and machine learning in products and business process

For custom projects, we act as the bridge between the user and the developer resulting in the application of AI and other emerging technologies which meet real-world needs, coded in the right environment and which can be maintained and supported into the future.

No one can stand still, even more so now than ever before.

We will help you on this journey bringing a refreshing new approach, a plethora of new ideas and a different perspective. We make an initial assessment through open dialogue and develop our relationship based on trust, with aligned values and beliefs.

We are ready, are you?