Stakeholder Relationship Management

Cultivate public-private sector partnerships to generate the greatest stakeholder value

Through stakeholder mapping and the development of effective engagement strategies, we act as the bridge between the technology provider and government, regulatory bodies, industry or the public.

Who are stakeholders and why are they so important?

Leaders need to consider the wider impact of their decisions. Stakeholders play an important role in the success of a business or organisation. Manage your stakeholders and treat them well and they will reciprocate. Your customers, employees, partners, suppliers, public, community and environment may all hold a stake in the organisation’s success.

Get this wrong and the stakeholders may flex their muscles, wielding more power more than you may think. Customers may stop buying, making ethical choices instead, suppliers may refuse to supply, partners may not work with you, the local community may boycott services, products may be designed out, public shareholders may sell out and regulatory approval may be revoked.

Organisations need to be outward-looking.

We advise of the best strategy to manage stakeholder relationships to achieve effective engagement at all levels. We collaborate to set the bar at a high level, influence and act as a catalyst for change within ethical and legal frameworks.

We are of the firm belief that businesses must consider the diverse perspectives of the modern operating world. No longer can the shareholder be the sole recipient of value at the cost of the other stakeholders.

Corporate social responsibility is high on the stakeholder’s agenda; the shareholder can achieve more value, and return a benefit to society if the strategy is inclusive of the customer, employee (regardless of age, race, disability and gender), the multi-generational and diverse public, government, supply chain and respectful of the world we live in.

What are you doing about your stakeholder relationships?

Businesses are becoming more aware of the positive and negative effect of collaborative social influence, so much so it holds a value in the decision-making process. Now is the time to consider all perspectives and create a responsible and sustainable stakeholder management strategy.

We’d love to show you how Anekanta Consulting can help you to map your stakeholders.

We build effective and influential strategies which lead to growth in the adoption and acceptance of ethically applied AI.

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