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The image depicts a use case for high-risk AI. Here automated facial recognition and crowd detection.

Anekanta® AI provides a range of impact and risk services. As the legislation and trust frameworks emerge, we move with the advances keeping you up to date and aligned with the latest thinking, within ethical principles and the law.

One of the challenges faced by end users currently is that they seem unable to assess AI system safety and risk. This may stem from the leadership who may not be apprised how AI could benefit their business or AI risk may not be understood to the extent it is simply not on the board agenda.

Building upon our experience of many proven cases we provide services which help organisations to use AI in a safe and beneficial way. We evaluate AI use cases and de-risk every step from development through to market supply and end user application. Our processes generate recommendations ready for action, including:

  • independent high-risk AI use case de-risking and safety recommendations
  • assessment and recommended mitigation of AI impact: human rights, data privacy, standards, employment, equality, reputation
  • ethical, privacy and security by design risks identified and improvements recommended
  • assessment of the impact of new and planned regulation across a number of jurisdictions including USA, EU, UK and creation of compliant implementation plans

The standards and regulatory landscapes are moving towards a unified definition of AI. We work to OECD Guidelines, UK and USA Government draft positions, and the definition settling in the EU AI Act. We are interlocked with the evolving processes, and have developed our systems to cater for all global AI safety initiatives.

Explore our AI safety frameworks

Our frameworks have been developed to systemise the collection of data about AI systems and create a consistent format which enables effective analysis. We are focused on the evaluation of new and existing AI systems however we also start at the development road map stage and work right through to the end implementation. Our systems are partially automated to save time and the analysis and decision making is derived from the human-machine relationship through our highly specialised team.

AI in the Boardroom

Alongside our AI safety evaluation services, we created an ethical framework for AI implementation which is aimed at senior leaders and boards. The framework sets out the principles of AI safety and governance which may be readily adopted as a foundational system for any business. The framework is available and free for use under a Creative Commons licence. Furthermore, we gifted the framework to the Institute of Directors and it has been incorporated into their AI in the Boardroom briefing paper for Directors.

Who should take action?

If you are an executive leader or policy maker and would like to understand how to move into the safe development, provision and use of high-risk AI within your organisation or embedded in the products you use please get in touch today.

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