Sector-Specific Strategic Advisory

We develop effective AI strategies for our global technology clients in defence and security, healthcare and manufacturing sectors

Anekanta Consulting‘s strategic advisory services bring a technology focus to leadership in organisations from start-up companies through to large technology corporates and Government Departments.

We will guide you towards new technology knowledge to embrace the rapidly evolving AI technology landscape. We champion AI derived ethical decisions which positively affect the organisation and its people.

Better informed decisions, better outcomes

Our range of strategic services add value to your organisation from strategic M & A research to nurturing AI beyond the development pilot to achieve realisable benefits and a place on the strategic Board agenda.

– a higher level of leadership awareness about how artificial intelligence can be utilised to improve sustainability
– better use of data to achieve accuracy and strategic visibility across the internal and external market landscape
– the ethical design and use of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies
– insights and different perspectives into the way an organisation can transform using AI
– a modernised future focus and vision which attracts the best talent
– a competitive advantage through enhanced products
– a strategic acquisition which modernises your offering
– a reduction in bias and strengthening of Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

Proven international success

Our team’s proven background in international executive leadership, corporate governance and transformation underpin our high level of expertise in ethical digitalisation: from the development and application of artificial intelligence, big data source correlation, cyber security and safety technologies.

We realise that technology is not the answer to every problem. We are not a high pressure sales organisation; we won’t knowingly push you into a bad fit. We will ask lots of questions to understand your challenges and guide you to the right customised solution for your business.

Learn from our frameworks

We have created a number of frameworks to guide you through the process of evaluating AI as a product or in business process. We can help you make the right choice based on ethics and business value.

An ethical framework for the implementation of AI
The foundational principles underlying any AI implementation from the formation of an ethics committee to checking for and reporting bias.
The business case for AI – is it worth it?
A case study which examines the consequences of siloed databases in a manufacturing process.
Welcome aboard the Star Ship Enterprise
A white paper describing the need to remain future focused.
Planning your high risk AI strategy?
The second in a series of white papers which examine the proposed EU Artificial Intelligence regulations and the implications for AI providers and users within and outside EU.

We are an ethical organisation and operate with integrity. We like to work with people and companies who have similar values to ours. Everything we do is underpinned by the Anekanta Consulting core philosophy which is based on Anekantavada, which brings a different perspective to all our thinking.

How can we help you?

If you are an executive leader or policy maker and would like to understand how you can modernise your business through the use of AI please get in touch today.