We work confidentially with our global technology clients to enhance the safety and effectiveness of their AI strategies.

We deliver through our outstanding AI safety systems and services provided by our AI and Consulting divisions. We are independent of any vendor product or technical approach to AI implementation.

Our services in summary

AI governance framework for boards
We help boards to get started on their AI journey through risk assessment and policy development. Our framework which was developed in 2020 and independently assessed by the University of Oxford, is freely available under a creative commons licence.

AI Risk Intelligence System™ for biometrics and high-risk AI
We developed a robust AI evaluation system featured in the UK Government Portfolio of AI Assurance Techniques. We assess AIs in use which collect and make decisions about biometric data. We score the risk determined from the data we collect, against legal frameworks and trustworthy principles. We assess the impact on fundamental rights and company reputation, and recommend mitigating actions including legal compliance, deployment of an AI management system (ISO/IEC 42001:2023 (pending)), agree metrics to measure AI impact with regular reviews and so on.

Facial Recognition Privacy Impact Risk Assessment™ System
We developed an automated privacy impact and risk assessment system which generates risk reports for users around the world considering facial recognition software as a solution to solve their commercial loss, threat and safety problems. You can obtain your report online by starting here. We are also part of the FaceComply partnership www.facecomply.com where you can access a sample Anekanta® report prior to making your report purchase decision.

AI use case and safety research
We undertake confidential projects for our customers pre- and post-implementation. These may include technology road-map review and recommendations to de-risk. AI cost benefit analysis. Use case analysis in the sector leading to competitive advantage. We are unable to reveal any specific details of our confidential projects.

AI M & A due diligence
We research and evaluate AI acquisition targets and provide an opinion regarding the value of the intellectual property, the competitive landscape, technical implementation of the solution, scalability, bias, and road map to revenue or profit dependent on the stage of the AI venture. We also support AI acquisition, post-event and recommend technology integration strategies.