Our communities – ethical agenda for high-risk AI

Anekanta Consulting is a commercial organisation focused on developing ethical business to business relationships across a number of domains which include defence, security, smart cities/buildings, critical national infrastructure, retail and manufacturing.

Our company delivers services which reduce risk and add value to our global clients businesses in an ethical way. Our mission is centred around high-risk AI (including biometrics and facial recognition) and includes strategic and technical research, strategic ethical advice to Boards of Directors, and the evaluation, creation and development of AI based products which meet very specific needs in the sectors in which we operate.

One of our strengths and the reason why our business is growing, is due to our ethical position which gives back to society.

We continually contribute to the development of the communities which place the ethical and legal risks associated with high-risk AI at the top of the agenda, and take a position of leadership to effect positive change.

Insights into some of the communities we work with are now available on the Anekanta Consulting web site.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at ask@anekanta.co.uk.

We'd love to hear your views.....

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