Anekanta founder to provide evidence to the APPG AI

Anekanta’s founder and CEO Pauline Norstrom has been invited to provide evidence to the APPG AI Committee Session: AI in the Boardroom

We are strong advocates of community collaboration in order to foster diverse perspectives and meet our ESG goals. Anekanta Consulting works with many stakeholders in the sectors in which it operates and together with domain focused organisations continually contributes to driving good practice, standards, and the debate around the legislation needed to regulate potentially harmful high-risk AI technologies.

Speaking through the lens as a voluntary IoD Fellow, our founder Pauline Norstrom will bring evidence of the Institute of Directors (IoD)‘s research and work on its AI in the Boardroom framework for Directors, developed by the IoD Expert Advisory Group for Technology, Science and Innovation.

Outside the IoD community, Anekanta and its founder have been working hard on the governance of AI within specialised sectors including security, which are concerned about high-risk AIs such as facial recognition technology. Pauline’s voluntary work as an Honorary Member and former Chair of the British Security Industry Association, alongside Industry peers, led to the creation of a world leading guide to the ethical and legal use of facial recognition software. This will soon become a British Standard developed by a BSI Committee on which Pauline sits alongside leading authorities in facial recognition technology and use cases.

“When considering a wide range of sectors and business activities it is not surprising to see similar recurring concerns raised by business leaders about trust, impact, risk, privacy, bias and explainability, and the key issues – ethical and legal certainty.

Pauline Norstrom, founder and CEO Anekanta Consulting

The APPG AI will be asking; What is the current state of adoption of AI Governance, by corporate boards? How is AI used in executive-level decisions? What are the benefits, or challenges, of AI adoption by boards?

We are looking forward to the lively debate which will hopefully answer some of these questions on 23rd January 2023, 5.30pm GMT, House of Lords, UK.

Registration is free and is available via the web site of the APPG AI Secretariat, the Big Innovation Centre. You’ll need to register for a free account to access the event page or go directly to the event page here.

For further information about the APPG AI visit the web site

Image of HAL an AI computer which took over a spaceship considering that the humans on board were in the way of its goals
HAL 9000. A fictional AI character who was in control of a spaceship.

About Anekanta

We evaluate and de-risk high-risk AI and sensor technology applications. The use of these technologies is accelerating faster than the development of guardrails which limit harms and create legal certainty.

Using our in-house expertise, we correlate risk with the emerging legislative, regulatory and standards landscape including the UK AI Regulation proposals, EU Artificial Intelligence Act, AI Liability Directive, GDPR, DPA 2018 (DPDI Bill), CPPA, BIPA requirements for the use of high-risk AI across horizontal and vertical industrial applications.

We create meaning and context out of complexity and provide a position from which decisions can be made with a reasonable degree of certainty that risks can be mitigated.

> Risk of harm to the stakeholder
> Risk of reputational damage
> Risk of legal and regulatory breach
> Risk of additional uncontrolled cost

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> Strategic research and advisory
> AI risk and assurance
> Custom developed solutions

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