Evidence provided to the APPG AI at the House of Lords

Our founder discusses the challenges Boards are experiencing and highlighted any progress made towards the governance of AI in their organisations.

She concluded with a number of recommendations to parliamentarians, including those on regulation.

The Boards polled, represent private industry across a range of sectors in the UK and the research undertaken by Anekanta Consulting and the Institute of Directors backs the findings.

Over 80% of Boards said they have no established process through which they may assess the use of AI within their businesses. 60% said they were unaware of any Government plans to regulate AI. As the Board is usually the accountable body in an organisation, these statistics are alarming. How do the Boards manage risk? and who, one may ask, is actually in control?

A full audio recording is available accompanied by still photos of the proceedings. Fast forward to 23.00 minutes to hear the evidence given by Pauline Norstrom.

We encourage you to listen to the whole session of approximately 1.5 hours which provides the different perspectives of all evidence givers and the questions from the audience.

Further images are available on the APPG AI Secretariat web site, the BIC Pavillion run by The Big Innovation Centre.

Anekanta Consulting’s founder has worked voluntarily with the Institute of Directors Expert Advisory Group for Science, Innovation and Technology to produce a ground breaking board level AI governance guidance framework. There will be further updates when the document is released.

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