Anekanta® AI: impact, risk, governance and assurance.

When the Anekanta® concept was created, we held a future vision and road map for the brand.

We are delighted to announce that we are progressing our plan to the next stage.

Anekanta® AI is now the leading brand in the portfolio focused on AI impact, risk, compliance and assurance. We have developed a ground breaking global database of privacy and emerging AI laws together with all human rights impacts, employment and health and safety considerations. We cover all aspects of AI impact for developers, providers and users (deployers) of AI based products and specifically those which sit in the high-risk AI category under the EU Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act). We work to the portfolio of emerging international standards designed to underpin the EU AI Act and the proposed UK AI Regulation and align with all proposed federal and regional/state AI based legislation and ordinances in North America.

Anekanta® Consulting continues to provide research and advisory services.

We support organisations developing, providing and using (deploying) high-risk AIs and those which require transparency reporting, in all major regions. We help you conform to the requirements and principles of the EU AI Act in the EU and regions outside the EU.

The EU AI Act’s reach is further than you may think. Any developer, provider of user of AI decisions within the EU regardless of whether the AI is hosted outside the EU, will be subject to the EU AI Act.

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It is time to get ready. Enforcement of penalties and fines under the EU AI Act may commence as early as mid 2024.

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