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Through our Anekanta® Consulting research team we assess the ethical, legal and regulatory implications and requirements and provide an opinion on the risk position based on the use case scenario.

We navigate the complex international legislative landscape and requirements for the use of high-risk AI across horizontal industrial applications.

Our missions include interpreting and applying in the sector context of use, the AI Regulation proposals and initiatives around the world; UK White Paper, EU Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act), AI Liability Directive, GDPR, DPA 2018 (DPDI Bill), CPPA, BIPA, AIDA, US Bill of AI Rights, Algorithmic Accountability Act and more, aided by our in-house global privacy and AI regulation knowledge base, Our wider range of services include strategy, research and horizon scanning through to specific AI focused ethical, privacy impact, risk analysis and advice.

We solve contextual AI risk problems for UK and international stakeholders in industry, government, civil and non-governmental organisations.

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