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Based out of the most innovative science and AI hub in the UK, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Anekanta® Consulting and Anekanta® AI’s hybrid teams work with international stakeholders across sectors and domains including defence, security and video surveillance, critical infrastructure and smart cities.

The vision for Anekanta® was created by security industry video and analytics technology leader Pauline Norstrom, in March 2016; at the time she felt that the AI market was too immature. She instead took up a request from a colleague to set up an international technology group which was transitioning through a pheonix style re-structure. After generating over £15 million of revenues for the group in less than 3 years, towards the end of 2019, Anekanta® started to come to life, with the proposition being defined during 2020, the first year of the pandemic. Despite the challenges, Anekanta® responded and evolved with the market and now operates internationally offering specialised research, advice and development to its global client base.

In 2022, Anekanta® AI came to life which is focused purely on AI impact, risk, governance and compliance, Anekanta® Consulting and Anekanta® AI interoperate seamlessly with the primary business functions contained within Anekanta® Consulting.

Anekanta®, through its leader also influences the shape of the market on a voluntary basis. A champion of the ethical and legal use of controversial AI (biometrics) technologies such as facial recognition software, she also works with international standards bodies and specialised organisations around the globe. Her mission is to take forward the most ethical and legal practice possible for the application of high-risk AI and sensor technologies and enhance the safety of people, safely.

What does Anekanta® mean?

Anekanta® delivers the best version of the truth based on a diverse range of perspectives; primary and secondary research, ethical evaluations and legal, regulatory and standards based view points. Anekanta®’s name is derived from the philosophy of Anakantavada which suggests that the search for the truth is infinite and requires the input of many perspectives.

The parable of the blindfolded people illustrates the concept of AnekantaVada. No one can hold the most complete version of the truth and small pieces of fact do not make the truth. By bringing together the sources of fact, the truth may be determined. This principle applies to AI technology, also the key decisions which must be made by boards and organisation stakeholders to develop, procure and operate AI safely.

Our purpose

We deliver the best version of the truth about a situation using the maximum available inputs from technology. Anekanta® works at a strategic and board level with stakeholders and innovators to evaluate, position and enable the safe, legal and ethical use and development of high-risk AI and sensor technologies.

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