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An AI innovation and strategic advisory company

Founded by an experienced security industry technology leader Anekanta works with international stakeholders across sectors and domains including defence, security and video surveillance, critical infrastructure and smart cities.

We enhance and de-risk the innovation, product and corporate strategies of our global technology clients through our specialised services. These range from strategy consulting to horizon scanning and M & A research.

We navigate the complex legislative landscape including the EU Artificial Intelligence Act and GDPR requirements for the use of video across horizontal industrial applications. We test your use case scenarios and advise how to implement in a safe, legal and ethical way.

We also lead and influence the ethical and legal use of controversial AI technologies such as automated facial recognition software.

Our team delivers outstanding AI and technology strategy outcomes which augment strategic decision making at the highest level.

Anekanta delivers the best version of the truth

Anekanta’s name is derived from the philosophy of Anakantavada which suggests that the search for the truth is infinite and requires the input of many perspectives.

This philosophy is applied to our services

Our purpose is to deliver the best version of the truth about a situation using the maximum available inputs from technology.

Many industries suffer the problems associated with a lack of situational awareness caused by a narrow view of the issues. Those who rely on complex data sources benefit the most from the application of AI.

We work with your Board

Anekanta works at a strategic and board level with stakeholders and innovators to evaluate, position and enable the development of product solutions through early-stage/proof of concept to start-up and scale-up.

Our Founder

An innovative and strategic leader highly skilled in blending board governance and technology. Pauline Norstrom created Anekanta Consulting to help the Boards and leaders of organisations to understand new technology and how it can bring benefits and ROI.


Anekanta Consulting and its team form links with all relevant external organisations to stay informed. Working closely, advising on policy, contributing advice and expertise for the benefit of the sectors and their stakeholders.

Influence and Collaboration

Here is a selection of our Certificates and Memberships. We are actively involved in creating and shaping global strategy and policy around AI and specifically ethics, automated facial recognition and applications in defence and security, physical and cyber security and manufacturing.