Our Founder

An innovative and strategic leader highly skilled in blending board governance and technology.

Pauline Norstrom created Anekanta Consulting to help the Boards and leaders of organisations to understand new technology and how it can safely and ethically bring benefits and ROI.

Building on her unique and diverse experience in the application of emerging technology for security and safety purposes across sectors from retail to transportation.

Innovative, strategic and compassionate with a steely edge

During the last 20 years of her corporate life, she has developed, challenged and led global teams and businesses offering various specialised video-based detection and analytics systems, from silicon to hardened devices to software, through complex channel structures in both regulated and unregulated environments internationally. Whilst continually challenging bias, she brings empathy and compassion and keeps the teams focused on the goals.

Pauline developed indirect routes to market, influencing the end customer technology choices through intellectual positioning, stakeholder management and compelling user propositions. She has led her teams to build relationships which evoke inspirational pull-through and technical design-in within vertical markets from retail banking, education, transit, utilities, government, bricks and mortar retail, 3PL, aviation, renewable energy, healthcare and leisure industries.

Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

The experience Pauline applies to Anekanta Consulting is rooted in entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, both of which underpin her highly developed corporate and financial strategy skills. Innovative creative thinking and problem-solving fuelled by her Mensa qualification are at the heart of every previous Board role from Group Marketing Director to subsidiary President, Managing Director, Parent Company Group Director and Chief Operating Officer.

Chair of the Board

In addition to her executive roles, she has also held non-executive positions including the Chair of the Board of Directors of the British Security Industry Association (now an honorary member appointed by the Board to advise on artificial intelligence policy). She is also an active advisor to Government groups, the Institute of Directors ERP/Digital Special Interest Group and the American Security Industry Association. She brings leadership, best practice and horizon scanning to; cybersecurity policies to protect mission-critical security and OT systems, and ethical guidance for the use of automatic facial recognition and artificial intelligence. She is also a start-up business mentor to a number of entrpreneurs.

C-Suite engagement

After several approaches from technology companies and professional colleagues seeking her help, she identified a gap in the market for a niche strategic advisory business which engages the C-Suite level decision maker and advises about the benefits and pitfalls of emerging technology in a way which joins technology, ethics and commercial success.

Anekanta Consulting’s proposition was born in late 2019, and in a few months, she developed its global blue chip client base and portfolio despite the backdrop of the COVID restricted economy. If anything, the pandemic made decision-makers more open to ideas and accessible both nationally and internationally, and the rush towards understanding the potential benefits of new technology has never been stronger.

Pioneering and leading with artificial intelligence

Pauline is a life long “learn-aholic” constantly reading and seeking intellectual challenges and opportunities to solve commercial, social and environmental problems through the ethical use of technology. To boost her already strong background understanding of the application of AI in industrial settings, she recently completed the University of Oxford, Said Business School Artificial Intelligence Programme achieving the highest grade level.

On a more personal note, it is not all about technology, she is a life-long environmentalist, campaigner for equal treatment and elimination of bias, and a supporter of sustainability, arts, music, culture and people, not to leave out a long term interest in motorsport. She thrives outside the comfort zone, standing out to plough new furrows followed by those who also see that there is a way forward which is different from what they may have expected.

Pauline develops sustained and productive professional relationships through building trust, active listening and sound, objective advice combined with collaborative delivery for mutual benefit.

To learn more, please contact us here or send a message to ask@anekanta.co.uk