Adding value with Artificial Intelligence

In the video surveillance domain, AI is adding value to the video estate by creating meaning and context for millions of otherwise uncategorised live and recorded images

When legally and ethically applied, adoption is accelerating due to the near plug and play nature of the technologies. When looking at the wider system of systems in Smart Buildings and Smart Cities, thorough due diligence needs to precede a joined up approach to creating the value and benefits AI may bring.

Developers need to collaborate and share APIs which enable system to system communication

If implemented securely and effectively, this should in turn create interconnected systems which provide greater situational awareness and enable fast, effective decisions and actions. In business, the application of AI seems a long way from being plug and play.

A vision driven from the top

The human driven processes must be evaluated and embodied into a vision which is driven from the top with the goal of enabling humans to make more relevant and effective decisions.

This article from HBR touches on this:

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