Think you have the full picture?

Group of blindfolded people

All Anekanta Consulting’s core values and philosophies are based around this parable.

“Several blindfolded people are each given the task of identifying a large animal (an elephant) using their sense of touch alone. Each declares a different result; a wall, a tree, a snake. They are all adamant that they are correct. But without the full view, each makes an error. Only when the perspectives of all are combined are they able to agree that the animal is an elephant.“

This parable originates from the philosophy of Anekantavada, which also lends itself well to Anekanta Consulting’s name.

If we transfer this idea into an industry setting, this parable is often expressed as “looking at an elephant through a pinhole” or “needing the wider picture”.

In defence and security, stakeholders are always looking for the most complete version of the truth in order to make better decisions, which in the highest risk scenarios, means saving lives.

AI technologies are proving their value, analysing and correlating the vast array of data sources available to the security industries; and in doing so they provide a better view, faster, which can augment critical human decision making.

In a leadership context, we talk about “group think” being an issue if the Board is a closed network and there is insufficient diversity. Missing different perspectives can result in poor decisions.

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