SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board – Resilience Series

Join the SIA webinar on 13th April 2021 and the panel of leaders in the field of cybersecurity and technology.

We will debate what makes an organisation’s OT/physical security policies and systems resilient to attack and loss of data.

Learn about the habits that make Cybersecurity Leaders rock stars within their organizations, and get ready to join a fun, engaging session as the Cybersecurity Advisory Board uncovers, challenges, and affirms some of your cybersecurity perceptions.

In the debate we’ll be discussing:

– Would you know where to find your company’s cybersecurity policies and procedures?
– Have you checked Shodan to see if any of your solutions can be accessed?
– If you are a product manufacturer, what steps must you take to build trust?

The keynote will be delivered by, George Finney, and members of the SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board, including, Rachelle Loyear, Michael Kim, Wayne Dorris, CISSP, Pauline Norstrom and Min Kyriannis.

Register for the webinar here

If you missed it, look out for the recording. We’ll publish it when available.

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