National Security : Regulation of AI-driven live facial recognition

The All Party Parliamentary Group for AI (APPG AI) called for evidence from industry, privacy groups, policing and academia.

What regulation is needed for facial recognition software, to ensure that its ethical and legal use bolsters UK’s national security and fosters public trust?

11th October 2021: Anekanta Consulting’s founder Pauline Norstrom, speaking on behalf of the British Security Industry Association provided insights into what the privately owned and managed security industry is doing about guiding the safe, legal and ethical use of AI facial recognition software. She walks us through the journey which led to the creation of an industry first Guide to its legal and ethical use in both commercial and public spaces.

This was an educational and insightful session led by its Chair Lord Clement Jones, and hosted by the APPG AI Secretariat, The Big Innovation Centre; many perspectives were considered; including police use of the technology, commercial examples such as access control and ID verification in banking, and the confusing patchwork framework of legislation in the UK.

The panel discuss the practicalities around a potential moratorium, also the proposed EU AI Act and its importance in providing a clear framework for the classification and use of high-risk AIs. They debate the risks and harms which could be mitigated and prevented as a result of tight regulation and what can be done to make the UK’s streets safer for all. The UK’s AI Strategy white paper on regulating AI, due to be published early 2022 and the College of Policing guidance are also eagerly anticipated by the panel.

To see the full video of the evidence session, visit the Big Pavillion, the host of the APPG AI membership or follow the link

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