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Anekanta Consulting’s founder was invited to share her views on the regulation of this rapidly evolving area of AI based identity technology with leading provider of online security news Security On Screen.

Anekanta Consulting is a specialized AI and innovation advisory company created by security industry leader Pauline Norstrom who has developed and contributed to the ethical use of technology for security and safety purposes for over 20 years.

In the interview she shares her views about the ethical and legal implications associated with the use of biometrics technology. Specifically referring to the more controversial facial recognition software, she discusses what is being done about guiding users towards safe deployments. This is in the absence of any UK regulation which specifically focuses on the range of uses of the technology in different scenarios. The interview touches on biometrics for verification (one to one) and the potential dangers of using facial recognition software in a one to many scenario in uncontrolled environments such as informal gatherings in publicly accessible places (as opposed to access control to venues and events).

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